Soundproof PP pipes and fittings

The sound absorbing interior sewage system PP ULTRA dB is a complete pipe and fittings system in polypropylene enriched with mineral compounds. The pipes are manufactured through the co-extrusion method with structured walls: the interior layer coloured in white, allows easy inspection and the exterior layer coloured in blue is resistant to dirt and is foreseen with permanent marking at every centimetre. The fittings are done by injection.     

The excellent properties of raw materials: high impact resistance, resistance to chemical substances and high temperatures, high sealing, reduced weight and easy installation are the reason why the products in polypropylene enhanced with mineral compounds have become more and more popular.   

The PP ULTRA system series includes diameters of 50, 75, 110 and 160mm. 

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Main features and advantages of the system


The high level of soundproofing due to the structural walls in polypropylene (PP) with mineral compounds, the noise level of 16 dB, confirmed by tests performed at Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, in accordance with DIN 4109-10 standard, the third grade of soundproofing is consistent for buildings with permanent residents


Resistant to aggressive fluids with pH values between 2 and 12.


High thermal resistance for fluids with a permanent temperature of 900C, with short term temperature peaks of 950C. 


High mechanical resistance for temperatures up to -100C – thus it can be installed in winter weather conditions. High pipe resistance to compression and impact as well as the possibility to be installed inside and under the structure, in soil or in concrete, due to the minimum ring stiffness of 4kN/m2 (area of applicability BD – class S16).    


Easy and efficient installation of the system due to the measurement scale applied for pipes - the pipes can be cut into pieces with any length. Very easy joining methods due to the gaskets installed in the factory in the wide range of fittings.


Very good hydraulic features for wastewater flow due to the protection of the perfectly smooth interior surface that does not allow the accumulation of deposits.

The sound absorbing interior sewage system PP ULTRA dB is used for installations without pressure, sound absorbing sanitation systems, for rainwater and industrial drainage.   

The system is used to channel extremely aggressive discharges, industrial and urban wastewater (effluents with pH between 2 and 12), including hydrogen sulphide and is also characterised by a high resistance to effluents with high temperatures.   

  1. Due to its benefits, the Ultra dB system is not recommended only for homes but also for sewage systems in apartment buildings, office spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants, dorms, SPAs, laboratories, dental cabinets, surgery rooms, schools, university classrooms, libraries, radio and television studios, concert and conference halls, theatres, shops. It is used to transport effluents from the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and the catering industry (for example when there are effluents with high content of fats and the recommended temperature is up to 70°C).  


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